Information is only as good as the source from which it comes. Fitting the pieces together from multiple information sources to identity PEPs and other high-risk individuals and entities is no easy task.

SAFE View, with its complete database and detailed profiles is a robust component for research and investigation. It provides an immediate snapshot of all links, related entities and information. Detailed profiles enable you to quickly determine if family members or associates are sanctioned or linked to any suspicious activity. Dynamically updated sources are managed daily by Safe Banking Systems to deliver the most current information.

SAFE View's broad range of options for advanced link analysis, link monitoring and news monitoring provide additional detail for enhanced research capabilities.

  • WebArchive – A repository of original source documents including articles and web pages referenced in profiles.
  • Friendly Domains – Descriptive domain names and visual icons facilitate recognition of key details in information sources.
  • Circle of Friends (Advanced Link Analysis) – A single click displays all linked individuals and entities and indicates at what level they are linked to the profile being reviewed.
  • The Shortest Path – The path between any two entities linked at any level is displayed on a single screen for additional link analysis detail.
  • Making the Connection (Advanced Link Monitoring) – Identifies the "six degrees of separation" that link seemingly far-flung co-conspirators. It displays the commonality — whether an individual or a company — that links two true matches.
  • SAFE News (Advanced News Monitoring) – Tracks negative news and displays any new information sources for customers or former customers identified as true hits.