SAFE List Management

To generate high quality, meaningful results organizations must filter against data that is both accurate and properly structured for scanning. With no published schedule for updates, no one-stop shop for lists and no standard format, the list management process is arduous. That's where SAFE List Management comes in.

SAFE List Management automatically downloads watch list data daily from government web sites and commercial databases of PEPs and high-risk entities. It monitors for updates, validates records and optimizes the data for scanning through leading watch list filtering engines.

SAFE List Management delivers watch list data in any format and works seamlessly with any filter or AML solution, making it a perfect complement to your existing systems.

Designed with maximum flexibility to meet the diverse needs of each organization, SAFE List Management enables users to establish business-specific categories for scanning. Unique data extraction capabilities provide the ability to create, add or change customized lists and subsets -- in days, not months – according to your organization's specific risk parameters. Working with well-targeted subsets of data delivers more efficient filtering, fewer false positives and higher quality matches.

Institutions with batch filtering requirements can select from:

  • List Management for Sanctions
  • List Management for World Check
  • List Management for Dow Jones Watchlist

Additionally, SBS delivers Sanctions for Payments for real-time transaction monitoring. With its batch and real-time options, SAFE List Management is a proven solution for all your organization's list management needs.