SAFE List Archive

Keep abreast of changes in sanction and other lists quickly, easily and securely with SAFE List Archive. A unique repository, SAFE List Archive includes downloadable reports, source files, and a complete change history for all files. It offers your organization greater visibility into the constant stream of changes that make managing these lists so difficult.

With SAFE List Archive, access to an historical collection of sanction reports, downloadable files and original unedited source files for more than thirty global, industry specific and other lists is available at the click of a mouse. OFAC updates date back to February 2000, while approximately forty other sanction lists are also available, some dating back as early as 2003.

SAFE List Archive displays each list's update with a comparison to the previous update, flagging records that are new, changed or deleted. Record histories are displayed side-by-side for a complete point-in-time comparison. All data is unedited from the issuing government agency, making it easy to track updates.

With its comprehensive historical archive of updates and changes, SAFE List Archive simplifies look-backs and provides a detailed audit trail for regulatory agencies and internal compliance review.