Entity Resolution

Aggregating data from multiple sources to understand exactly who you're doing business with is a challenging process. Relationships are not always obvious and the data is prone to error and variation. It becomes even more problematic when no unique entity identifiers are available, as is often the case with watch list screening. The goal is to reconcile database references that correspond to the same entities.

The inability to "connect the dots" from disparate data sources and non-obvious relationships in data across multiple silos is precisely the problem that Safe Banking Systems' methodology for entity resolution can solve. Name matching solutions commonly use pair-wise comparisons of reference attributes, such as name, address or date of birth values. The absence of sufficient attributes produces false positives. However, there is often additional relational information in the data with references to different entities.

SBS' entity resolution methodology differs from pair-wise comparisons by using both attributes and relational information; it facilitates record linkage and applies likelihood and probability scoring to determine which identities are a match.

Powerful components and modules support the entity resolution process:

Specialist technology providers like SBS recognize the growing trend in unique customer data matching needs. Our unique approach to entity resolution provides institutions with robust functionality for identity matching, relationship detection and resolution, alert remediation and business process integration.