The Gold Standard

SBS is the gold standard for actionable AML intelligence. The way we think about, understand and attack the problem of entity resolution is as different as the methodology we employ. We encourage financial and other institutions to embrace a paradigm shift for KYC, CDD and EDD by changing their way of viewing the problem. That involves understanding that as reference files and customer databases get larger, there is a quadratic increase in scale, rendering rules-based systems inadequate to handle the degree of difficulty. SBS addresses these issues with technology grounded in principles-based methodologies to provide actionable intelligence that finds the bad guys other systems miss.

Example of a recent new customer:

  • 20,000,000 customer records scanned in several hours, not days or months
  • LESS THAN 0.2% alert hit rate
  • 3,000 absolutely TRUE ALERTS requiring NO MANUAL Review
  • 15,000 records requiring review were prioritized with severity ranking (SAFE Exposure Index®) and probability scoring
    (SAFE Strength Index) to identify the highest risk and most likely to be true matches first

We Do Things Differently