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Achieving Enterprise Risk When AML and Privacy Laws Conflict
ACAMS Today (Sept/Oct/Nov 2016)

Harnessing Technology to Achieve a View of Enterprise Risk
ACAMS Today (Mar/Apr/May 2016)

Global Corruption
ACAMS Conference, Las Vegas NV (September 29,2015)

The Evolution of Sanctions and PEPs
ACAMS Today (Sept/Oct/Nov 2015)

Strange Bedfellows III: Fashion Police
ACAMS Conference, Hollywood, FL (March 17, 2015)

Machine Learning: Advancing AML Technology to Identify Enterprise Risk
ACAMS Today (Mar/Apr/May 2015)

Safe Banking Systems: From Bytes to Bad Guys
CIO Review (October 6, 2014)

De-Risking: Does One Bad Apple Spoil the Bunch?
ACAMS Today (Sept/Oct/Nov 2014)

A New Approach to Adverse Media for Enhanced Due Diligence
ACAMS Today (Mar/Apr/May 2014)

Redefining Due Diligence: A paradigm shift for AML/BSA compliance
ACAMS Today (Sept/Oct/Nov 2013)

New Directions in Alert Management: Winning the Quality-Quantity War
ACAMS Today (Mar/Apr/May 2013)

Risk Modeling for Improved AML and Compliance
ACAMS Today (Dec/Jan/Feb 2013)

Renaissance of Fraud Spurs New Approaches to Anti-money Laundering
Bank Systems & Technology, October 12, 2012

Revving the Innovation Engine: Software as a Service for AML and Compliance
ACAMS Today (Sept/Oct/Nov 2012)

From Terabyte to Petabyte: Finding the bad guys in the age of big data
ACAMS Today (Mar/Apr/May 2012)

In Software We Trust – Or Do We?
ACAMS Today (Sept/Oct/Nov 2011)

Homegrown Risk: The growing threat of insider fraud
ACAMS Today (Mar/Apr/May 2011)

How Can Reputational, Financial and Compliance Risk Be Prevented?
ACAMS Connection, January 19, 2011

Data Visualization: Using interactive analytics to combat financial crime
ACAMS Today (Sept/Oct/Nov 2010)

Collective Entity Resolution: Raising the technology bar for watch list filtering
ACAMS Today (Mar/Apr/May 2010)

How Do I Know When it is the Right Time to Consider a Forensic Analysis Service?
ACAMS Connection, January 20, 2010

How Can I Be Better Prepared To Identify Financial Fraudsters?
ACAMS Connection, September 30, 2009

What’s in a name? The PEP challenges of Hispanic names
ACAMS Today (Sept/Oct/Nov 2009)

Budgets slashed – Working smarter
ACAMS Today (Mar/Apr 2009)

The PEPs challenge
ACAMS Today (Sept/Oct 2008)

Home-grown risk: Is your financial institution a growing field?
ACAMS Today (Mar/Apr 2008)