SAFE Advanced Solutions®

When it comes to AML and compliance, the best defense is a strong offense. SAFE Advanced Solutions is an integrated suite of software and services developed to proactively identify and manage risk. SAFE Advanced Solutions optimizes filtering of large databases, improves name matching, drastically reduces false positives and streamlines investigation. SAFE Advanced Solutions handles all of your organization's AML and compliance needs for:

SAFE Advanced Solutions finds the "bad guys" – those money launderers, fraudsters, terrorists, drug kingpins, politically corrupt and other linked individuals or entities that could pose a serious threat if left undetected in your customer database. So powerful are the analytics and intelligence driving SAFE Advanced Solutions that it consistently identifies high-risk individuals that have already passed through your organization's existing controls or that other solutions have missed.

Stemming the Tidal Wave of Alerts

Decrease false positives and improve the relevance of alerts with SAFE Advanced Solutions' exclusive risk ranking methodology and probabilistic alert scoring. These proprietary processes quantify, qualify and prioritize risk in your customer database. They determine the severity and probability of each alert thus eliminating false positives and improving the efficiency and productivity of investigation staff while mitigating risk.

Stronger Governance, Risk and Compliance

To keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of AML requirements, institutions are demanding more from their solutions providers. SAFE Advanced Solutions enables organizations to comply with the USA Patriot Act, OFAC, BSA and other regulatory mandates. Advanced analytics and robust investigation and reporting tools streamline due diligence and further support standards for transparency, audit and regulatory oversight.

By establishing a holistic and actionable approach to risk, SAFE Advanced Solutions greatly enhances KYC and EDD – thereby safeguarding the financial assets and reputation of your organization.