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Connect the Dots.

Find the Bad Guys.

Thwart Financial Crime.

Safe Banking Systems' (SBS) specialized anti-money laundering and compliance solutions enable organizations to uncover fraud, terrorist financing, money laundering and other criminal activity before it poses a serious threat. We proactively identify and monitor relationship risk by dissecting customer databases to identify the "six degrees of separation" that link seemingly unrelated entities. By Thinking Ahead of the Risks, SBS finds what other solutions miss.

When it comes to a holistic approach, there is no better partner than SBS. Learn more about our Proof of Vulnerability and evaluation of your customer database.

SAFE Advanced Solutions

SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform arms institutions with actionable intelligence to identify, assess and manage relationship risk across the enterprise. It builds on the success of the company's award-winning SAFE Advanced Solutions® to deliver greater efficiency, flexibility and scalability for:

  • List Management
  • Entity Resolution
  • Research & Reporting

SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform screens an organization's entire customer database to identify sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Reputationally Exposed Persons (REPs) found in adverse media, and other high-risk entities.

With its advanced analytics, visual components and fully integrated workflow, SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform offers a holistic approach that enables institutions to identify, assess and mitigate risk across the enterprise with confidence and accuracy. Read More

Rogues Gallery
Rogues Gallery

Explore the gallery of money launderers, fraudsters, PEPs and other criminals that SBS has uncovered. Learn how our solutions can expose the high-risk individuals and entities that remain undetected in your customer database.

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ACAMS 4th Annual AML & Financial Crimes Conference — Canada
October 25-26, 2016 Toronto, Canada

ABA/ABA Money Laundering Enforcement Conference
Nov. 13-15, 2016 Washington, DC