Think Big

When it comes to managing data for AML and compliance, it’s critical to think big. Very big. Internet-scale big.

In fact, our SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform processes and screens hundreds of millions of customer records daily. It provides continuous Know Your Customer (KYC) screening for Sanctions, PEPs, REPs (Reputationally Exposed Persons) found in adverse media and other high-risk entities. All while monitoring your entire database in near real time.

SAFE Advanced Solutions® Visual Intelligence Platform handles the scale, scope and uncertainty that typify massive troves of data, making it highly effective at identifying risk. Interactive data visualization lets you quickly and easily view information, manage enterprise risk, use timelines to track events and monitor other activities. At the same time, SBS' unique risk scoring and ability to perform complex entity resolution means fewer, but more accurate alerts.

Where most list-screening solutions leave risk on the table, SBS finds what other systems miss.

Now that's big.