SAFE Reports

W. Edwards Deming said "What cannot be measured cannot be managed". Management is likely to be of the same opinion when it comes to managing risk and the processes and people that support this effort. Reporting is a data-centric pursuit. You want a solution that can convert data into valuable information and reduce the complexity, production time and total cost of generating reports.

SAFE Reports offers clients two reporting options that can be easily accessed via a web browser.

  • SAFE Verify Reports – is a suite of standard reports to manage and audit operational workflow and productivity. These reports include:
    • All Positive Alerts
    • Analyst Efficiency
    • Business Unit Summary
    Reports can also be customized to meet an institution’s special requirements.
  • SAFE SWIFT Reports – is a high-performance, interactive query and reporting system for automated review and analysis of current and historical SWIFT message traffic. Designed specifically to address the unique risks posed by correspondent banking. Customized and configured to meet an institution’s risk requirements, SAFE SWIFT Reports allows you to monitor the originators, intermediaries and beneficiaries of all transactions that flow through correspondent accounts.