SAFE Exposure Index®

Controlling the flow of alerts is a delicate balancing act. If filtering criteria are too broad, compliance staff will be inundated with alerts that require countless hours to investigate. If criteria are too narrow, the chance of missing a potential risk is great.

SAFE Exposure Index takes the guesswork out of filtering. Using a proprietary methodology from SBS, SAFE Exposure Index offers a precise, dependable and auditable process for risk and exposure ranking. It identifies high-risk entities in third party databases and systematically ranks their relative political and criminal exposure. SAFE Exposure Index helps organizations generate a manageable number of high-quality alerts and objectively determines the severity of each alert.

Establishing the risk criteria for scanning is user defined – you set the the risk threshold and tailor the filtering process to match your institution's risk policies and industry-specific requirements. With SAFE Exposure Index, your organization can rest assured that it is focusing on those alerts with the highest risk and greatest probability of being true.

SAFE Exposure Index is the solution of choice for organizations that wish to be proactive in their quest to identify, quantify and control risk.

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