Research & Reporting

Identifying hidden risk is only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding and interpreting the bigger picture, those "six degrees of separation", involves a blending of automation with the human mind.
An institution's first line of defense in uncovering money laundering, fraud and other suspicious activity is well-trained compliance staff armed with comprehensive investigative tools.

Researching and analyzing alerts is one of the most labor-intensive and costly functions within a compliance program. After optimizing data for intelligent filtering and eliminating the "alert factory" of false positives, SBS provides analysts and investigators with SAFE View, a user-friendly tool to facilitate investigation of those alerts identified as most likely to be true that merit further scrutiny. With options for advanced link analysis, link monitoring and news monitoring SBS helps institutions maximize operational efficiency and improve productivity.

An integral part of compliance operations is reporting. Forewarned is forearmed. Accurate metrics enable management to make informed decisions. Internal and regulatory requirements demand complete audit trails for maintaining historical information and evidencing proper controls. Rounding out the SAFE Advanced Solutions® offering is SAFE Reports, which provides institutions with flexible report options for compliance, audit and management oversight.

Safe Banking Systems' tools in the hands of your professional staff are a winning combination to combat financial crime.