Proof of Vulnerability

SBS offers a Proof of Vulnerability (more than just a Proof of Concept) to qualified organizations. It is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate the unique capabilities of SAFE Advanced Solutions® and SBS' expertise in isolating anomalies to find the bad guys.

The Proof of Vulnerability will provide an immediate snapshot of hidden risk using the database sample provided by your organization. It will:

  • identify data quality issues in your organization’s customer database
  • measure your organization’s exposure to high-risk individuals and entities
  • rank the severity of the matches and prioritize alerts that are most likely to be true
  • highlight gaps in your customer screening to uncover hidden risk

A more complete view of risk is available with the full implemented solution.

To find out if your organization qualifies for a Proof of Vulnerability or for additional information, contact us at: +1 631-547-5400 or