SBS finds the bad guys. Again.

In 2009 while testing its entity resolution software against the FAA Airmen Registry, SBS found that several men who were charged with crimes that posed a threat to national security still held active FAA aviation licenses. This startling discovery called attention to glaring gaps in the FAA’s policies and procedures for vetting and registering airmen.

Have changes since 2009 improved security? That’s the question the iconic Spotlight Team at the Boston Globe set out to answer in this riveting two-part investigative report.

In Part 1, Secrets in the Sky, the Spotlight Team exposes shortcomings in FAA policies and procedures that open the door for bad actors. Click here to read Part 1.

In Part 2, Flight Plan for Failure, the Spotlight Team asked SBS to again run the publicly available FAA Airmen Registry against its entity resolution software. Discover what the Spotlight Team and SBS found. Click here to read Part 2.