SAFE Forensic Analysis®

Drowning in alerts? Drastically reduce the time spent on alert investigation, rationalize costs and mitigate risk with SAFE Forensic Analysis.

SAFE Forensic Analysis is a specialized service that combines the expertise of Safe Banking Systems' AML certified professionals with the company's innovative technology to deliver fewer false positives and more accurate results. Alerts with the highest risk AND greatest relevance are quickly and reliably brought to the forefront, not buried in the proverbial haystack.

SAFE Forensic Analysis's validation process has proven so efficient that it obviates the need for first level review. The service enables compliance staff to target investigation where it is most warranted – those individuals, PEPs and other entities in a customer database that pose the highest risk. SAFE Forensic Analysis shortens the investigation cycle from weeks or months to days, saving organizations valuable time and money.

Proactive organizations preparing for regulatory changes or examination, performing due diligence prior to a merger or acquisition, undergoing a compliance audit or validating their internal AML program will appreciate the speed and effectiveness of SAFE Forensic Analysis.